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Hey there, welcome to my page, Erika Minou

I offer space for your soul to unfold, for your heart to heal and for you mind to expand in order for you to step into your full power and highest potential. 

Together we will go from discovering your gift to working on the limiting beliefs that still keep you from going into your full potential, surrendering fully to life and (re)connecting to your deepest truth.  








Leaves Shadows

In this 3 month online program we will go through a journey from confusion to clarity, from limitation to freedom, from insecurity to trust, from doubt to confidence, from hiding to shining your radiant light fully and fearlessly.

We will work with nourishing ceremonies and rituals, fun exercises, selected mindset techniques from NLP for busting limiting beliefs, inner team empowerment, meditation and embodiment techniques, intuition work and deep wisdom connected shamanic journeys. 

Start your journey with my



online program



„Working with Erika was soul opening for me. She helped me get back on track with my professional life. Her sessions guided me with kindness and patience to my unique self. She helped me overcome my fears and self-criticism so that I was able to embrace my intuition and transform it into a powerful creative force. I continue working with Erika on creating my online business which I something I never even deared to imagine. I honestly could not have done this with out her."

Darja, wild-innovation-agency.com


„Whilst going through this whole process with Erika I felt completely safe. I felt as like I could say everything, also the darkest things. I get very emotional when I am writing that down, because thinking back to that moment where I was finally able to fight the feeling of "guilt" felt so great and releasing. Erika helped me to look at this thing that I have been carrying with me since 30 years."


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Erika is someone who is not afraid to ask the right questions and makes you think and get to know a better part of you. Someone who truly wants you to listen to your inner voice. A guide as a light through the darkness who is always there for you and won‘t judge but is there to walk aside you whatever you choose to do. Someone who will look from another side on the situation and gets you new insights.“



„Erika offers a genious kind of coaching with creative techniques that are fun but also involve consciousness, subconsciousness and emotions. At the same time she pushes you gently out of your comfort zone if necessary into the zone where the magic happens. Also her Workbook is a helpful guidance along the process.“




„Thank you again so much for your program. The reason I came to you was your playful but also very sensitive approach. And even when you kicked our butts, those kicks were always loving, very loving. I was about to book another course that cost over € 4.000 but then I decided that what you offer is worth  even more, much more. I am thankful that you gave and give me access to my own craziness because it gives me so much freedom, aliveness and joy of life.. and yes... just thank you. I am looking forward to our further work and coaching together.“


„Through the different exercises of the Purpose Coaching I have learned to perceive my intuition again and found answers to my questions. By always following her own intuition and asking „What is important right now?“ Erika managed to always work on what was important and make me excited about it. But most of all she inspired me with her positive, authentic and holistic approach.“


This is what you'll have achieved


You will have (re-)connected with your intuition, cosmic wisdom and deepest truth

You will have busted and transformed limiting beliefs that keep you from shining

You will have established a new, more helpful mindset that empowers you fully

You will be able to unapologetically feel and follow a full body yes and no

You will be able to go out there and fearlessly shine your radiant light while having a clearly defined vision that is in harmony with a bigger purpose

You will know what your soul's purpose and your soul's authentic voice is.

Ok cool and how does this work?




In the 3-month Done Hiding Program we will start with the most important thing: a connection to your own wisdom, truth and intuition. From there we will go through all the most important aspects of your full expression: Finding out your soul's gift to this world, turning your limiting beliefs into a new, more helpful magical mindset, empowering your inner queen and warrior so that you can stand behind and follow your full body yeses and no's, establishing powerful routines and rituals, learning some helpful self-coaching methods based on modern, neuro-scientific insights and finally creating a clear, soul-aligned vision for a magical life fully of synchronicities and wonders.

Leaves Shadows

The process and pricing of 



The process

We will meet once per week for 3 months online for 2 hours. We will work with different tools on the above mentioned topics. You will receive topic-related exercises, meditations and ritual inspirations for the time between our meetings. I will also be available for you per WhatsApp group chat in case you have any insights, questions or needs along the way.  

Next Program Beginnings

There will be 3 different groups this year with a

maximum of 7 participants each.

Group 1 starts: April 26th, each Monday 18-20h

Group 2 starts: July 28th, each Wednesday 18-20h

Group 3 starts: September 24th, each Friday 18-20h


3 month online program

Workbook that comes along with the program

Additional exclusive exercises, meditations and inspirations

Ongoing WhatsApp support

€ 800,-

early bird until April 25

(instead of € 1.500,- normal price)


Start your journey with a



As a first step you can also just book the first part of the Done HidingProgram: The purpose coaching.  It consists of 4 sessions á 1,5 hours and will bring you more clarity and awareness about your individual mission in this life.

The investment for this Package is € 320,- .

Let‘s do this, together!



Let me be your soul's doula, your truth seeker, your comfort-zone-pusher, your magical-mindset-creator, your confusion-buster and your mind-expander. My mission is to bring you into your full potential and help you to remember who you are in your most raw, expressed, empowered state.

How? By blending my experience as a certified systemic coach and NLP Master, my year-long trainings in diverse body-mind-spirit growth areas and a lifetime of self-empowerment and belief work on myself. 

Oh and by the way, if you need help with your


Check out my mindful marketing & branding agency "Breaking Patterns". You will not only find a further program that will guide you from purpose to ACTION, (meaning your own business) but also Website Templates and Soul-Aligned Branding packages.

Check it out!

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Working internationally,

based in Vienna, Austria

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By the way, most of the beautiful pictures on this page are made by my beautiful friends and amazing photographers: Amina Stella Steiner and Lea Fabienne. Check them out!