I‘m here to...




When I listen deeply into my heart, there is this clear knowing that my purpose is to empower and inspire positive change in this world. I‘m here to bring paradise to earth, to show how it can be done in a different way - by living at but also forwarding this experience and knowledge to others. My superpowers are creativity and a sharp eye for truth. My style is unjudgemental and open-heartedly but also provocative, experimental and comfort-zone-expanding. I like to break patterns in order to create new, more helpful ones. I‘m here to inspire positive change - in me, you and ultimately, the world. 

Imagine Tony Robbins mixed with Marina Abramovic, a business punk and your favorite Urban Shaman. That‘s me. ;-)

Ok but in case you want to know some hard facts about me.

I AM...

...a certified systemic coach

... a certified NLP Practitioner

... a founder and co-founder of over 20 social impact projects and companies

... a long-term professional Graphic Designer & Art Director

... a passionate spiritual apprentice since many years.

... an actress (3 years education in Vienna) and former dancer (6 years in different places all over the world).

And just for the fun of it also some



...I‘m a certified treat-free dog trainer and horse whisperer.

... I traveled through South-America doing street-theater for many years.

... I ran a center for projects that combine Art, Business and Social Impact for more than 3 years in Vienna.

... I believe 100% that, no matter if I want or not, one day someone will hand me over a beautiful house to create another center.

... I used to organize a small festival for innovative edcuation called „stEFFIE - experimental, fun festival for innovative education“.

Some of the things that




The more crazy and weird, the better. What I like about it is not so much the risk but rather the feeling of freedom and having to be creative about challenges.

Radical Honesty

I know that it‘s something uncommon in our world but I love to be and encourage radical honesty with the intention of deep connection with myself and others. It‘s magic!


I love when I find weird things that I can imagine a cool story about. But I also love encounters with people of any kind that are somehow special, out of the norm and deeply touching.

Black and White

And finally a little game of



Follow the flow


Night owl

Lose friends



Manifest with patience

Jungle Witch

Hustle hard


Early bird

Lose money



Pushing through

Urban Shaman

Start your journey with a



As a first step you can also just book the first part of the Magical Mindset Program: The purpose coaching.  It consists of 3 sessions á 1,5 hours and will bring you more clarity and awareness about your individual mission in this life. 

The investment for this Package is € 320,- and if you decide to go for the full Magical Mindset Program later, I will include this payment in the overall price.

You can also get some first insights with my




I wanna make this easy for you. So I put together a first test that will already help you understand better: Where do you not feel an „OH YEA!“ yet regarding your offers, purpose, vision and promotional strategies? Let‘s find it out together!

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Working internationally, based in Vienna, Austria

By the way, all the beautiful pictures on this page are made by my beautiful friend and amazing professional: Amina Stella Steiner. Check her out!