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All sessions, workshops and experiences are currently only bookable on demand. Check out the min. / max. amount of participants and book me if you're interested.


This 1:1 session can be about anything: your purpose, your mission in life, your relationship, your marketing strategy or any other topic. The only goal is to get 100% real about stuff, no more lying to yourself, no more excuses. My intention is to dare to ask the hard questions, to dare to maybe poke gently where it might hurt and then to guide you back to your deepest truth that will ultimately lead to full excitement, confidence, clarity and most of all freedom.

Format: Offline or Online 1:1 Session

Duration: as long is it takes

Price: a present and a poem

GetRaw! - 1:1 Session


This workshop is about the raw truth about yourself! Who are you, what do you believe in and what would you do and create if you'd cut away all the bullshit? What are the fears that blurr your vision?

We will first learn about what being rawfully honest with yourself even means. There will be various exercises and experiences that bring you closer to your truth. Then I will work intuitively together with the group on creating the experiences for each participant that are necessary as a next step towards showing yourself fully to the world. It will be experimental, deep, transformative, fun, embodied, loud, silent, wild and gentle. It will be, what is needed.


Format: 2 day workshop

Duration: 2 days, 9-15h

Min / Max participants: 4/15

Price: 250€

GetRaw! - Workshop


The workout is a carefully designed journey of sounds and exercises that will allow you to shed the fake skins and walls that keep you from showing the real you. Inspired by elements from contemporary dance this workout is more a choreography than a yoga session. Both men and women are welcome. Beautiful movement is not the goal. Raw movement is.


Format: 1,5h workout

Min / Max participants: 4/30

Price: 20 € / person

GetRaw! - The Workout


This photoshoot contains elements from the Workshop and the Workout and adds to it the creation of an alter ego – your rawest self. How would the 'raw you' move, dress, pose, talk, behave, interact? We'll experiment with this question and I'll help you develop this character, almost like in acting school. Just that you're acting yourself. Your rawest self.


Format: Workshop, Workout, Creation & Photoshoot

Duration: 2 days Workshop, Workout, Creation, 1day Photoshoot

Min / Max participants: 4 / 6

Price: €650 incl. 15 pictures per person

GetRaw! - The Photoshoot


Ohhh this is my favorite. It's a lovingly designed trip that guides the travelers from arriving in their own truth to free-flowing in that truth with others. A journey of consciously chosen electronic tracks along with a slightly absurde goodnight tale and some gentle live instructions and invitations that lead you into a dreamstate world of interaction. A space that is designed to inspire you get vulnerably raw and play. This Experience is a great start for a festival or any other bigger event.

Format: Music set incl. Story and live instructions/invitation; Interactive Space design

Duration: 4h

Price: on demand

GetRaw! - The Experience

Image by Andy Holmes

Find me creating in Vienna, cruising around Europe or living in the Dominican jungle.

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