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last updated January 21st 2021

Erika (Minou) Büttner

mental trainer

Storchengasse 15/6

1150 Vienna



Free trade (new self-employed/ Neue Selbstständige): 

Trainer in adult education, qualified mental trainer

The Diploma Mental Trainer in Commercial Law:
Working as a mental trainer in Austria falls under the “new self-employed” area under commercial law. No business license or membership in the Chamber of Commerce is required for this; however, a registration with the SVA (social insurance of the commercial economy). The work as a mental trainer can be carried out both in groups and with individuals. The focus of the mental trainer work is, on the one hand, the transfer of knowledge (lessons, training, seminars, workshops, etc.). As well as performing meditations, relaxation techniques and achieving balance. This can take place in group lessons as well as in individual lessons. However, the following points should be noted: Excluding any activity linked to a certificate of proficiency and / or excluding any activity reserved for doctors, health professions or regulated trades (example: life and social counselors).



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Find me creating in Vienna, cruising around Europe or living in the Dominican jungle.

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