After finishing the Magical Mindset Program you also want a




Your brand and Website is an expression of your highest purpose in life. So let‘s make it a full-body-yes experience. Creating a brand and Website is a very personal and exciting process. It‘s important that we click. That‘s why I want us to get to know each other before we start working. In the best case you have also already finished my Magical Mindset Program and are 100% clear, sure and excited about your purpose, offers, dream clients, prices and marketing strategy.

When you finished with your Magical Mindset Program, you are ready for your







Together we will again go through your soul-aligned offers in a online 1:1 sessions along with your Mindful Marketing Booklet.


Based on the exercises and questions of my Branding Workbook we will create your personal moodboard and branding together in 1:1 sessions. 




After developing your offers and brand I will create a personalized Website and a first package of business cards for you.

Let‘s do this, together!



As a freelance graphic designer and Art Director I have worked with and for over 50 small and big clients over the last 6 years - all of them being social enterprises having the goal to make this world a better place. 

Over these years I have seen many amazing people and projects and helping them to become clearer and to improve their branding is more than just a job for me: it‘s a mission. Amazing projects should have amazing branding!

Leaves Shadows

The process and pricing of the 





Depending on the complexity of the Website and how much is already prepared (structure, texts, images) it will take approximately 2-3 months until your Website is done. This is what is included in the Magical Branding Process:

  • 1 Session (2h) for refining your offers

  • 2 Sessions (2h) and all the extra time it takes for developing your brand and moodboard

  • 1 Session (2) for going through your Website Menu Structure

  • Feedback for Website Content (Image & Text)

  • A Basic Website (4-6 pages) designed based on your inputs

  • A basic Font Logo if needed

  • A business card design

  • WhatsApp support for the duration of the process



Only Branding

If you only want the Magical Branding Process the price is

€ 2.500,-

Branding & Mindset

If you want the Purpose Coaching and Magical Mindset Program included, the price is:

€ 4.000,-

Start your journey with a



As a first step you can also just book the first part of the Magical Mindset Program: The purpose coaching. It consists of 3 sessions á 1,5 hours and will bring you more clarity and awareness about your individual mission in this life. 

The investment for this Package is € 320,- and if you decide to go for the full Magical Mindset Program later, I will include this payment in the overall price.


In my past 15 years as graphic designer, passionate project founder, consciousness coach and trainer and creative agent I have worked among many others with following companies and projects:


„Erika designed and structured my new Websites: und and gave them the little extra. I love them because now finally they have the structure that I had in my mind but couldn‘t make visible. She supported me sensationally.“

„I love the websites that you‘ve built for me, I just love them. I am so endlessly thankful. It feels so good and it‘s so nice to watch my Websites now. And it‘s so easy to use them that I already changed things on my own. Thank you again for everything.“


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Working internationally, based in Vienna, Austria

By the way, all the beautiful pictures on this page are made by my beautiful friend and amazing professional: Amina Stella Steiner. Check her out!