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Welcome to my workshop area! Due to our current situation I offer workshops only on request. So if you are interested in one of them, just gather a group of minimum participants and request a booking. I will confirm asap!


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Compared to the Done Hiding 3 month online program the Done Hiding Weekend Workshop & Photo Shoot is a Mini-Version of the full program and happens live in Vienna. 

In the Weekend Workshop we will discover and incorporate your most powerful character. Who are you, when you express your full power in an artistic way? How do you dress like? How do you behave? What do you do? How do you move? How does it feel like to not have limitations? We will get into the light sides but also experiment with shadow aspects like arrogance, being bitchy or taking "too much" space.


We will have one week between workshop and photo shoot to further develop your persona and prepare everything that is necessary like clothes, accessories, set choice and design and whatever else we might need.
The Photo Shoot will happen exactly one week after the workshop. We will create the set together, style you, get you into character and make a fun, crazy, memorable shooting.

The intention is to create an experience and visual memory for you that reminds you of your fierce power and radiant beauty.

This package includes the workshop and the photo shoot including the usage of the photos for private and commercial purposes. It doesn't include accessories, clothes or props. 

Min. / Max. participants:    4 / 7

Price per participant: € 350,-

Photos by zolotareva_elina⠀


Or book my smallest format, the




This Workshop is a 3h mix of Body & Mindwork. It includes a 1h Highest Potential Workout where I will make you express and release all those pent-up tensions, frustrations and fears that keep you from going into your highest potential. It ends with a long, deeply transforming meditation that reminds you of your essence. In the last hour we will take a quick dive into basic NLP techniques and how you can use them to finally step into your Highest Potential.

Min. participants: 4

Price / person: € 80,-


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This Session is about uncovering your limiting beliefs about money and transforming them into empowering ones. If you establish a magical relation with money and see it as energy that just needs to flow you will suddenly have much more fun and much less fear around this topic. Giving money and asking for money freely, without guilt or shame but instead joy and abundance is what this game is going to teach you. We will play with real money, just to make it more exciting.

Duration: 1 day / 6h

Min. participants: 4

Price / person: € 120,-

Oh and by the way, if you need help with your


Check out my mindful marketing & branding agency "Breaking Patterns". You will not only find a further program that will guide you from purpose to ACTION, (meaning your own business) but also Website Templates and Soul-Aligned Branding packages.

Check it out!

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Working internationally,

based in Vienna, Austria

© Erika Minou Büttner 2021

By the way, most of the beautiful pictures on this page are made by my beautiful friends and amazing photographers: Amina Stella Steiner and Lea Fabienne. Check them out! 

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