Welcome to my workshop area! Due to our current situation I offer workshops only on request. So if you are interested in one of them, just gather a group of minimum participants and request a booking. I will confirm asap!

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This Session is about uncovering your limiting beliefs about money and transforming them into empowering ones. If you establish a magical relation with money and see it as energy that just needs to flow you will suddenly have much more fun and much less fear around this topic. Giving money and asking for money freely, without guilt or shame but instead joy and abundance is what this game is going to teach you. We will play with real money, just to make it more exciting.

Duration: 1 day / 6h

Min. participants: 4

Price / person: € 120,-

Learn one of my core methods, in my




When faced with any kind of decision very often we have different voices in our head. One might say: „Oh my god, don‘t do it, the risk is to high!“ while the other one might say: „But it sounds so exciting and adventurous, let‘s just do it!“ and so on. 

In systemic coaching these voices are called the „Inner Team“. In this workshop we will make a quick status-quo check of your inner team, establish the „ideal inner team constellation“, see if there is something missing or „someone“ on the wrong place (for example if the Inner Critic is the leader of the inner team, that might end up being very exhausting) and give the most pressing inner team members a voice. 

Additionally we will work on establishing or/and empowering the 4 most important archetypes in your inner team: The Warrior, The Witch, The Child and The Queen plus their shadow sides: The Drama-Diva, The Dictator, The Destroyer and The Panic-Maker. 


You can book the Workshop as a whole or in separate parts:

Duration: 5 x 2 days (each á 6 hours)
Min. Participants: 3

Price / person: € 120 / 2 days or € 600 / whole workshop with 10 days 

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This Workshop is a 3h mix of Body & Mindwork. It includes a 1h Highest Potential Workout where I will make you express and release all those pent-up tensions, frustrations and fears that keep you from going into your highest potential. It ends with a long, deeply transforming meditation that reminds you of your essence. In the last hour we will take a quick dive into basic NLP techniques and how you can use them to finally step into your Highest Potential.

Min. participants: 4

Price / person: € 80,-

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As a first step you can also just book the first part of the Magical Mindset Program: The purpose coaching.  It consists of 3 sessions á 1,5 hours and will bring you more clarity and awareness about your individual mission in this life. 

The investment for this Package is € 320,- and if you decide to go for the full Magical Mindset Program later, I will include this payment in the overall price.

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I wanna make this easy for you. So I put together a first test that will already help you understand better: Where do you not feel an „OH YEA!“ yet regarding your offers, purpose, vision and promotional strategies? Let‘s find it out together!

Let‘s do this, together!



Let me be your temporary co-founder, your first-steps-hand-holder, your out-of-your-comfortzone-pusher, your project midwife. My mission is to bring YOU and your project idea into your full potential and my favorite and most effective way of doing that is through intense 1:1 work with my core offer, the „Magical Mindset Program“. 

How? By blending my experience of 10+ years of founding and co-founding social impact projects, 6+ years of Branding small and big companies, my certification as a system coach and NLP Master and a lifetime of self-empowerment and belief work on myself. 

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